Monday, February 15, 2016

12:43 PM


Soooo I'm back. And actually in pretty good mood. I was really busy handling work and optimizing the background for expanding the company. Not too interesting to tell but since I've had a meeting with my whole team talking about their leave days and the amount of the days they didn't take off. As an employer it doesn't sound too bad that that the staff only took 2/3 of their leave days. But I recognized that the mood of the people got really tired and it was like they were working with the last energy of their battery by end of 2015. So told'em that everyone has to plan their yearly vacation by the first quarter of the the year. So it's all plannable for the company and my colleagues will be fresh, healthy and full of energy (more or less) the whole year. I know I didn't invent something new... but to me it was an important step for the company. Being happy with this decision, I also thought: "Damn, if all the others plan their vacations already, I also need to do it." And here it comes... What can I do? As I still don't have a girlfriend or something like that, I have to plan things on my own where I don't get too bored after a while. I started researching and found so many things to experience, to do, to see... simply it seems like I missed out seeing what the world has to offer. So I decided I will make my very own, honest to death - Bucket List, just like my cousin Charlotte reminded me one day! I will start posting my Bucketlist on my Facebook Site soon... stay tuned


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