Thursday, November 5, 2015

Age of 33 and still no break
7:44 AM

Age of 33 and still no break

Wow. I just turned 33 and the day adapted to the speed of my life... Because of client projects my life got really busy the last week, so was my birthday.

I got up early that day, around 7am to go for a quick bikeride and pack my luggage for a 2 day trip to amsterdam and london. After the ride I head to the office and finished a few things before leaving to the train station. Of course 'Deutsche Bahn' messed up and instead of a 2 hours ride we stuck in the train for 4,5 hours. So the result was we couldn't make it to our client and just had dinner at a more or less random place in amsterdam. So we (my businesspartner and me) decided to grab two ir three drinks at our hotel bar. Thank god we checked into a really good place so the atmosphere and people were really cool.
11:39pm - bday finished.

5:00am in the taxi again on the way to the amsterdam airport for 2 productions of 2 clients in london.
When we arrived london my partner met up with our team at the airport who came directly from our hometown to london. They left to their set. Me and the other client went to our set and the production day started. It was quiet nice having shootings in different locations in london. We were totally on schedule and finished our shooting at 4:30pm and were glad to be finished so early.
I called my other team and their schdule was the total opposite. Because of the traffic they were 2 hours behind, so I decided to take a nap at the hotel. 

My friend Simone from London set up a dinner for all of us, we were like 15 people, at a cozy place in east london.
It was a really great time hanging with feiends from london and the team, after that we headed to a nice bar, but since a the team was shooting all day, everyone was tired. We went back to hotel to sleep.

The next day some of us took some time to run around london, see some shops and enjoyed the sunny autumn weather until we head back to the airport.

I've had crazy days of work and just a quick as you've read these lines, my life just feels just as quick.
I don't think this is a good thing, right?


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