Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rhythm of my Life
9:47 PM

Rhythm of my Life

Puh, sorry for the lack of posts the last weeks but autumn is actually the busiest time in my company. Everyone wants to set up for christmastime and we need to figure out how all these companies get their products to their customers.

Honestly I can't complain about too much work, I've had other times where I wasn't even able to pay my own salary - knocking on wood.
But the rhythm of work and everything around it such as business meetings, dinners, drinks, chats and all that leaves a lack of private time to my life. And even if I have free time I'm busy trying to keep myself in a pretty healthy lifestyle to keep going. But I feel my head needs a timeout.
Or even more, I need time for myself.

Since I broke up meeting this girl, I haven't had time to really reflect what happened, get to myself and let me finish with this chapter. Hopefully I will find time soon and keep on going.
I still think of her... a lot.


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