Tuesday, September 1, 2015

When it comes..
8:03 PM

When it comes..

When it comes, it all comes together.
Well the girl is gone. Worklife gets really hard right now, 2 of my dearest colleagues just announced that they will leave the company quiet soon. I even have the thoughts that I should close one of the companies... but I just can't leave the rest of the people alone!
This is too much for me right now... I need a get away and since I haven't been away for almost a year I feel that I truly need some time off. But at this point it is impossible for me to leave.

I'm really depressed with how my life changed. It shows again that all the money I earn is nothing compared to real happiness. Hopefully I am able to enjoy the real happiness one day.

And there is also a lack of affiliation in my life right now. To who and where do I belong to? German? Asian? Without family it's hard to find out because you are lost on your own. Wow, life is hard and keeps obstacles all the time. At this point I really miss someone with me, a family I could talk to, a person that I can rely to... or simply just my mom<3 . I miss her. 


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