Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dreams face reality
12:50 PM

Dreams face reality

Soooo, I'm really focused on work right now. This is actually the only thing that fulfills me and I must say it's really effective. We managed to raise our revenue again up to 150% from last year. I can't be more proud on my team, having the strength and effort to keep on going.
Through this financial success a lot of new barriers but also opportunities open up.
That kind of relieves me and takes a lot of pressure from my shoulders...

Just because I was so involved in my work life, even kind of hiding, I managed to not think too much of this girl. Yes... still her.
But every time just her name (even if another person is actually mentioned) my heart breaks a little. It's like a cold something running down my back.

Just last night I had this dream. Yes she was in it, although I tried not to think of her too much. Well in this dreams I found out she had a new guy... as you can imagine, it wasn't too comfortable for me in my dreaming situation. I woke up  with this bad feeling and realized that I scratched my teeth so hard a little part broke from my back tooth.
Well... I must admit, I miss her and still want her in my life... but what can I do? Things just seem to be over. My heart breaks a little again.


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