Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Importance of the Truth
8:08 AM

The Importance of the Truth

Again her. 
You know I really wanted to leave things behind this weekend and decided to go out and party with my boys. Unfortunetly I've met this guy who's a friend of this girl, but I always had the feeling that there's more than just a friendship. However since months it was a little problem for me and she tried to tell me that there was nothing going on...
In the end I believed her.

Ok back to the weekend's evening: We went to a restaurant and I met this guy, he was together with a girl I knew... I said 'Hi' to him and then 'Hi' to her... I even had like 30 seconds smalltalk with her and left to our table again. Later that evening while me and my boys were getting drinks at the restaurant bar, this guy cam to me and said: "man, you are alsways late...", I was like: "Oh so next time I better ask you, so you know better" (honestly I didn't really get what he was talking about), and went with and said: "but maybe you're the one who's late"... he replied with "I'm never late. I'm always one in front of you!"

Mhh... it took me a while to think about it. And suddenly it came to my mind. Was he talking about girls? So was theere something going on with this girl? He must be talking about this girl.
The next day I couldn't resist confrontig her and the way she reacted gave me right. She stuttered and didn't reject it right away. She didn't even answer messages. I called her and just when I told her the story again and again and she felt more secure that it wasn't reaaally fact she denied.

In the end I must say, I don't believe her.
And that brought me to think even farer. Is there a reason to trust her? I mean I like her very much and I respect her as a person, but honestly there has never been a point to trust her.
She seemed to hide her life from me and everything, her iPhone screen is covered with anti-spy foil, I was strictly seperated from her friends... nobody excerpt her collegue knew I was existing.
It was like she was keeping everthing as a secret. I've never been a jealous person but when I have the feeling another person keeps herself busy hiding things in front of me, makes me really insecure.

So how do I deal with this. Well I lost thoughts about it and it turns out that it really hurts to have this lack of trust in a person you like. But on the other hand I'm like whatever... let it be, don't drive yourself crazy because maybe she just doesn't trust you.
And no matter what case it is, both ways are not a good base for a good relationship. This is one of the major reasons it didn't work out well with us until now.

Let's see where it takes me and how important the truth is for me...


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