Saturday, August 22, 2015

Stay as you are...
7:26 PM

Stay as you are...

Well I just got back from my business trip from Asia. It was really a good time and healthy for my soul to get out a couple of days just to experience something different.
But when the trip ended I was really looking forward to go home, cause there is no place like home. Especially I was looking forward to talk and see this girl... I might have missed her a little bit ;-)

The result wasn't really delightful - I landed in my hometown and took a cab to get to my apartment. She was the first person I called, but she rejected me as she was busy. It didn't feel good to me but as I can imagine how busy I can be, I thought that it was fine and could talk to her later.
I decided to have dinner with one of my homeboys and went to a restaurant... unfortunately she was there. She was really irritated seeing me there and this moment was really awkward. The conversation was really superficial and didn't feel like the person that I actually knew. She returned to her table to have dinner, we saw each other one more time... quite short and I left with a message on phone. We agreed on having a phone call the next day...

Right in the morning I wrote her, but she didn't reply. A few hours later I tried to give her a call, but she didn't answer. I felt super dumped and wasn't really happy with this situation.
Later that day she called... finally. The conversation started quite normal but still also superficial until the point that I mentioned that I didn't feel good with the happenings from the weekend.
Long story short, she decided to quit the thing we had and we shouldn't have any contact no more.
Bang... I didn't see that one coming. I was kind of shocked, but I always will respect her decision.

You know what? Usually I would fight for a girl, especially for this one. But as I know her, I believe that it is really better to leave her alone. I like her, I want her, but she doesn't want to...
Ever since when I'm on my bike, making a tour I'm having a german song on repeat that reminds me of her  with a special phrase:
 "Lass die andern sich verändern und bleib so wie du bist
Ich mag dich so wie du bist - ich brauch dich so wie du bist
Lass die andern sich verändern und bleib so wie du bist
So wie du bist - so wie du bist" <3


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