Wednesday, July 1, 2015

No Mistake
8:43 PM

No Mistake

I'm surrounded by so many people during work and my phone never stops ringing. I'm busy the whole day and even after the work with answering mails and calls. But when I'm done with this I like to be on my own... sometimes.

But something changed lately. You might have read that I was meeting this girl and that she kind of caught me. We had a really great time and I didn't want it to stop. But there is something that couldn't make her continue the relationship we had. Although I feel that there is something in her that wants me in her life. I'm holding the phone in my hands, thinking of texting her, calling her, hearing her, but I leave her alone. I listen to her words and don't want to put pressure on her.

Long story short, we had our problems (not quiet big ones in my opinion) and we have way less contact than before. It didn't bother me not seeing her when we still had more contact. But since we were talking about the difficulties and the decision maybe not to have too much contact anymore, I feel lonely. Not the kind of lonely you guys maybe feel... I mean really lonely.

With no parents, no real family and no partner in crime life gets lonely again. Of course there are friends and stuff, but they can't make you feel not lonely anymore, at least in this case.
This is not the first time in my life I feel this way and maybe I need to walk this road called life alone... but in the end it was not a mistake meeting her. It was a blessing.


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