Sunday, July 19, 2015

8:01 PM


Sometimes I feel like a superhero. Especially when it comes to my worklife, I'm like unbeatable. Having the confidence like one of the big players on the globe, I feel immortal.
But still, this girl makes me weak. I can't concentrate right when she doesn't answer me. I start to sweat and nearly get a heart attack when she finally calls back. I feel sick...
And to speak in the words of  superheroes, she is my kryptonite - it makes me ill but not enough to kill me.

So I need to do it like Superman and get an armor to defend, protect and hide myself. But it's also like a drug, you know it may destroy you but you just love doing it.
But the hope in having some kind of perspective keeps me going... I know, it might be stupid but Superman also returned to Kryptonite again and again ;-)

I'm adding a german song this time: "...lieb mich kaputt, du bist mein Kryptonit"


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