Monday, July 27, 2015

9:52 PM


The last few weeks we barely had contact and if we did our conversations we're like senseless and very superficial.
The more I was excited talking to her today and sharing moments that happened lately in her and my life.

I mean we didn't have the chance to talk to each other for a while and she still doesn't even know what my big plans are for the next weeks. Everything changed so drastically. And it makes me sad but also angry...
As I was pointing out that I feel strange talking to her like that she was like: See this is what I mean... you get mad all the time!
I was like: whaaaat? How can I get mad all the time when we don't even speak to each other, when you don't even answer messages and when you don't even care what's up in MY life.
There isn't even time to get mad.

I have to get over my anger now. God bless I'm going to crossfit tomorrow.


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