Saturday, June 6, 2015

You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
7:11 PM

You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

I've been through a lot of losses in my life. Some of them are irreplaceable and I know that this gap will last forever. Since I've lost my parents I somehow learned to deal with it, but once in a while I dream of them and get back to the point that this gap can never be filled again.

Beside your family you meet people in your life that matters to you. May it be friends, relationships or whatever you call it... with some of them you get along forever but sometimes the road just ends.
So here's my question: How far can you go this road? Of course it depends on the relationship itself and the circumstances that brings you to the point of rethinking this relationship. But sometimes there is this feeling, this feeling that tells you something is right, even when it's not.

So is it worth taking this struggle? I think yes. When the feeling is right other things fall behind and this one life you have shouldn't be restricted by thoughts like: What would have happened if I moved on with this person together. I'm in this situation now. I've  been seeing this girl for nearly 6 months and we are coming to this certain point where we have to decide how to proceed with this relationship.
But even now when I think of all this I get the feeling that the road ends here. I can't even imagine not talking to her anymore, not sharing our thoughts and lives. It hurts but I'm not staying in anyones way to let her fulfill her dreams and goals in life. It's even more the other way around.
I want her to be healthy, happy and wish her the best in life.
"I'm gonna miss her when she's gone..."


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