Thursday, June 25, 2015

I try
7:16 AM

I try

Again, she decided to leave things behind and ended having any contact with me. The last thing she said was: I'm gonna back down for a couple of days.

Of course I do respect that, but it also makes me sad. The only thing I can do is going back to my everyday living and keep myself busy. To be honest, again I loose myself in work... That's actually one thing I really wanted to change. But in worklife most of the things are in my hands and there's not much that can disappoint me.

Letting the days pass, I tried not to think of her. The first days went quiet well, but in the end I must admit... I have feeling for her. I miss the fun days and nights we had. I miss the conversations with her. I miss her funny & cruel attitude. I miss her beauty. I miss her smell. I miss her too short pants. I miss her being.

I can't get over her although I try, just because I miss her.


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