Friday, June 26, 2015

12:44 AM


Yesterday finally the sun hit Germany again. It was more than welcome and I was really glad that I finally got to feel some sunrays on my skin!

After work I decided to hit an event called "strandpiraten" in my hometown. It's actually an open air event in front of an art gallery where a lot of the people from the city meet up, enjoy the weather and enjoy some drinks and music. In numbers I would guess 1500 people.

And now guess what. Of course I've seen HER. With her collegues passing my way, feeling ingored or even recognized. But maybe she just didn't see me.
My heart and pulse raised immediately and I didn't really know how to handle the situation. My friends of course felt like there's something wrong, as I was really anxious by not showing any feels. But I just couldn't hide it... but still in the end I was an perfect actor to hide it.

It really was a reason for me to leave because I didn't feel comfortable staying there. But I was just happy to see her at least for seconds... damn.


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