Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Good and Bad
11:22 PM

The Good and Bad

I'm currently seeing this girl. I know her now for quiet a time and always thought she's a really attractive woman. I even visited the store she was working in once in a while... just to see her.

One night I was out with friends, hanging at a bar and having some deinks and chats. When I went outside for a smoke, I realized that she was also there having a cig. We immediately said Hi and began to talk. But that night we both were with friends so it was kind of impossible to continue a conversation.

Weeks later I was out with one of my homeboys and got really wasted. We ended up a a reknown techno bar, having shots and talking to random girls. We were sitting right beside the doorman/owner, so we had the perfect view of who's coming and who's leaving. And there she was again, she wanted to leave with two of her friends. I told her to stay and they really did. We started to talk for the rest of the night and even ended up at my place with the whole bunch. While having the last drinks and funny, drunk chats - I really felt that there's a connection.

The next days we started texting and talking on the phone. I really liked the way she was and started to like her. We talked everyday more than 2 times and we still do right now. 

But difficulties started right away. She was all about being independent with her life, which doesn't mean that she likes to whore around, it's more the fact that her mind needs to be free. Another thing is that she feels hemmed really fast and I always need to be careful how to talk to her and how often I ask her out for dates.
There a loads of things more that make me feel like I'm in an obstscle run just to please her the way she wants it to have.

Fact is I'm usually really not that person who would be treated like this. i would consuder myself as te strong part of a relationship.
But in this case I kind of like the way she is - independent, not too much caring and totally unconcerned. This can lead me to a really bad situation for me and my feelings but on the other hand I must admit - I like her because of all that. #fml 😂


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