Sunday, March 8, 2015

Your Journey - Your Life... you decide!
3:04 PM

Your Journey - Your Life... you decide!

Life will always be a journey. A journey to find yourself and your very own true happiness in life.
And I have the feeling that no matter who joins you on that journey, your friends, your family or your partner, your life always depends on YOU! It might sound egoistic, but in the end you are always the only one you can rely on. You are responsible for the fulfilness of your life.

Today is a pretty nice and sunny day and I felt like going to the riverside, hang out, having a coffee or two and enjoying the upcoming spring. As I was walking on my own through the streets, I had time to think of my current situation. 

Fact is that my worklife is hard and will truely come to an well earned success in the next 2 years I guess (knock on wood), which makes me really happy. But I noticed that after work and working out there's barely time energy left for my private life. So what's the conclusion now?

I'm by far not at the point where I could which way to go now. But I'm open for the world and will let you know about my journey. I keep you posted. Stay awesome and happy friends...


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