Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Short Getaway
10:40 PM

The Short Getaway

Do you sometimes have the feelings that you have to get away somehow? Even just for a few hours?
I do! My job requires a lot of  conversations and interaction with other human beings. The result is a lot of talking, many meetings and sometimes too much for my head. And after a working week I definitely need some time on my own to get my head free.

Even though I go for a run or work out 3-6 times a week I still need to have some time for myself without having anybody with me. Last weekend I've put my headphones in my ear, walked out the door and went outside and just started to walk. I've walked around 16km through the city until I arrived the land side of the city. Beautiful green meadow, blue slightly clouded sky, nothing but fresh air and my music in my ears.

I really enjoy these hours, you can focus on yourself, you can think about everything that happened the last weeks, you can just sit there and listen to the silence and if you're done you can quickly return to your everyday life but still 
got away... at least a little bit.


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