Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Pursuit of Happiness
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The Pursuit of Happiness

What is the Goal in Life? This is really a question everybody needs to figure out for themselves.

I lately talked to a friend. She went to a conservative catholic private school and told me how she felt in this surrounding and how she had the feeling of missing everything what's happening in real life.

The result was that when she finished school, she literally had to experience everything she missed in her teenage life. Being independent and having a life of liberty was new for her. Is it really good to force your kids to keep out of the real life? They will experience it anyway someday. 

Later that talk she told me about her classmates who followed the rules they were taught. After private school they found their man and got married immediately. My thought was: Are these people really happy forever with the life they chose? Aren't they curious about the things they could experience in life? Am I the only one who thinks so much about getting happy?
Happiness – the purpose in life. Everyone has to figure out how to achieve their very own happiness. But speaking of myself I have the feeling that this is a journey with no end, because all the moments that you will experience will bring you the fulfilled happiness.

Earlier this year I stumbled over this guy, Jerome Jarre - an internet and social media phenomenon who chose to smile the rest of his life, literally.
I really enjoy watching his Vines and YouTube videos with jokes, pranks or just happiness. You need to see him if you want to understand what I mean.

He shortly published a video where he got invited to one of the biggest companies for a one million dollar advertisement deal.
To understand this guy you have to watch the video. But to make it short: 
"Jerome, imagine you're on your deathbed and could come to this moment right now, what would you do?"

No matter if this was real or not, this story inspired me and made me rethink my own habits. The things that stand out to you and makes you happy should be the things you should follow.
Be strong. Believe in yourself and make yourself happy.


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