Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stay Healthy
8:30 PM

Stay Healthy

I love food. Any kinds of food. I also would say I had a bit of an overweight problem a few years ago. I think it was more the kind of reward for myself for working my ass off and stuff. But in the end with all the so called soul food (fast food and stuff) made me really tired and losing my energy really fast. On top of it I was really into parties and alcohol. I even did drugs sometimes but to be luckily I was far from being addicted. It was more because I was bored in life and beside all the hard work, I thought that it would be a great idea to go out as often as I can.

I tried to work out constantly, but I really got out of balance and was more into partying and having hangover food than everything else. The result, I gained weight, was tired and had a daily lack of energy. I even felt sick most of the time. I needed a change.

I started taking care of my body, got inspired by many food-blogs and ended up raising my cooking skills. I learned to cook, informed myself about nutritions and even made a blood test to see what my body needs. A nutritionist made me a 5 weeks eating plan. I immediately felt like a new human, was full of energy and even a hours of sleep were fulfilling. After the five weeks I realized that it really makes sense to change my eating habits. Don't get me wrong, I still eat pizza sometimes and also still go out and have drinks with my friends and stuff, but during the week with my regular eating behaviour is more considered and healthy. And it really tastes good if you know what to do.

So guys, everything you do to your body comes back to you. Treat yourself well and you will be full of energy and happy... I can tell. Next up is raising my smoothie making skills.


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