Sunday, February 8, 2015

Escaping ahead
2:30 PM

Escaping ahead

During all the struggles in my life so far, I had to choose. I've could have end up in depressions, doing drugs or even follow the way of my father.

I decided to make my life better than it ever was. I started to work really hard, money was my first step of getting out of my life so far to join the bright side of life. I'm really not saying that money is the most important thing in life, but gave me drive to move on and change my life.

I came to a point in life, when I was 26 or something like that, where I earned quiet good money but didn't feel the life that I was living. Earning money, spending it on parties, clothes, watches and all the  material things was fun at first but didn't fulfill me at all.
I wanted something different in life. I want to be happy, stay healthy, travel, enjoy life with all its facets – making the next step in life.

I started to take more care of myself, going for runs, eat healthy, work a bit less and try to explore the world. It totally changed my vitality and lust for life. The journey has just begun and I'm curious about the things I will experience.



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