Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Inspiration
10:13 PM

The Inspiration

In 2011 I broke up with my girlfriend named V. She left to Australia and Asia to make a 1-year work and travel trip. At first we decided to take things easy but we (actually more she ;-)) came to the decision to break up so everyone of us is free of mind.

On the day she came back from her year I picked her up at the airport and I felt that we still had a connection. But with the weeks things got complicated and I knew that she still didn't have the feeling that she's done with traveling.  I always felt like "let her do whatever makes her happy" but on the other side I always was worried and lost loads of thoughts for her future. 

Gladly she was able to find a job that keeps her traveling and experiencing the world now. The more I think of the way she chose to live her life, the more I'm happy for her but also jealous and thoughtful I was about mine... or can I even say the society teaches us?
Lately I was writing with her on What's App and told her about my plans also to get away someday/somehow and that she was a really big inspiration for me.

I loved her answer: "Well, time is all we have... more or less"


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