Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Bucket List
4:02 PM

The Bucket List

I invited my cousin for a Dinner. She just turned 14 years and we started to talk about her future and I told her to make a wish list and write down the things she wants to achieve in her life. But I told her it should not be things like earning money and get a great job. The list should be for herself and should have things in it like sliding the longest waterslide, staying  a year in mexico or whatever her hearts wants her to do.

We talked about the craziest things and really a joyful conversation with mad ideas.
But then she stopped and suddenly asked me: "Where is your list? Can I see it?" ... pause...
Then she reminded me to make my own Bucket List and that I will never forget about the things I want to experience in Life.

Thank you C.


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