Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Parents' Life
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My Parents' Life

My parents were refugees from the Vietnam war and came to Germany around 1975. My dad's family was kind of wealthy so he (but still the only one from his family) was able to escape to Germany by plane.
My Mom wasn't that lucky, she was one of the "Vietnamese Boat People" who wanted to flee Vietnam to the US by boat. But her boat sank, she had to swim in the ocean for a long time and fight for her life until luckily cargo ship passed by and rescued her.

My Dad (18 years old at that time) arrived after a very long trip at Düsseldorf, Germany main train station. His money was worth nothing and he had no place to stay. With a couple of other refugees from Vietnam they had to sleep at the central station for a couple of days. Until something happened: The german refugee helpers needed an interpreter for everything that was going on in this period. Luckily my Dad was already studying and so he was able to translate everything to english. With helping the german officials he was able to set his life, got a big apartment with 6 rooms where all of his family could live. His next mission was to bring his family over to Germany, 6 sisters and his parents.

Because my Mom was picked up by a german cargo ship, she  also ended up arriving in Germany. She was with a crowd of vietnamese refugees and through that my parents got to know each other and fell in love.

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